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Next Space21 Exhibition for Sound Art 2019 announces a call for proposals.

Space21 is a sound art exhibition taking place in Kurdistan (North Iraq). It focuses on site-specific and relational works that open up different sound experiences for the public, activating the listening sense.

Taking place in multiple cities, such as Erbil and Slemani, this year’s exhibition will draw attention to the special architectural and social environments of the Hammam. There are a number of Hammam still active, and with their particular spatial qualities will allow for unique sonic investigations. While the Hammam is less central to life in Kurdistan today, it nonetheless touches deep historical and personal memories of many people, and therefore may also allow for reflecting upon the history of the cities and their transformation over the years. Some other key topics or approaches may include:

– acoustic fieldwork and spaces of bodily well-being
– reverberations of history and memory; felt knowledge
– tonalities of place and their compositions
– social fabrics of the bath house

We invite proposals by artists and researchers from inside Kurdistan, and around the world to imagine possibilities for engaging in sonic experimentation and processes of working on site. For selected artists who lives outside South Kurdistan, they will be invited to stay for two-three weeks. We will provide residency and the artists are responsible for their flight ticket.
We will assist with the installation of sound works and endeavor to accommodate the technical requirements of exhibiting artists as much as possible.

Deadline for proposals: November 01, 2018.
Email submission to: space21art@gmail.com
Arrival- Return Date: 07.04.2019 – 27.04.2019

Application should include the following:
• Name, email, address including country of residence, and phone number
• A brief bio/artist statement.
• A complete file of your proposed project, with links to your previous works, if relevant.
• A list of technical necessities, including material and personnel requirements, estimated
time for setup and dismantling of the work.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions

Hardi Kurda. curator
Brandon LaBelle, co-curator

email: space21art@gmail.com
Facebook page: Space 21 Exhibition