Khabat Abas

Khabat Abas is an experimental cellist, improviser, and composer from Kurdistan Iraq. She moves freely between artistic disciples and possibilities. Her works has taken a broad collection of inspiration including noise, improvisation, classic music, and narrative story, and used them as an individual approach. Khabat’s curiosity and the sense of exploration arise between her lived experience and […]

Hardi Kurda

Hardi Kurda, Composer, sound artist, improviser, researcher, and curator. Hardi’s compositions involve suggestive and unusual sounds. The artist uses, among others, the radio to explore spectrum frequency as sound material. Besides composing classical acoustic and electronic music, Hardi Kurda develops pieces in which music interacts with different art forms in new art spaces to create […]

Tina Klatte

Tina Klatte is a radio maker and cultural scientist. Since 2016 she has been doing performative and discursive radio in temporary and independent radio stations, regularly at Radio Corax in Halle (Saale). She worked for the international radio art festival Radio Revolten in Halle (Saale) (2016), coordinated the radio program of documenta14 (2017) and curated […]

Maximilian Glass

Maximilian Glass is a sound artist, curator and free radio maker with a focus in experimental music, sound art, improvisation and unconvential compositions. He is involved in numerous projects, plays electronics and self made instruments. He performs solo, or as a duo with Limpe Fuchs and in temporary ensembles. MG is working as a curator […]

Zerone Duo

“Zerone Duo” Deniz Tafaghodi & Farbod Maeen is working on electroacoustic music, audio-visuals, sound installations, game sound design and performance arts. “Zerone Duo” was formed in Tehran, Iran, by two sound artists Farbod Maeen and Deniz Tafaghodi. Farbod MaeenIranian sound artist, (b.1985 Tehran, Iran), graduated in Electrical engineering and Interior design Architecture. Started his career in music as a […]

Elyse Tabet

Elyse Tabet has been works in audio-visual, combining recorded and synthesized sound and processing in daws and samplers to produce electronic music. Her sound focuses on textures and draws from noise pop, musique concrete, ambient, industrial, electronica, dub and garage beats. Photo by Aya Metwalli. Irtijal Berlin 2021

Paul Stapleton

Paul Stapleton is an improviser and sound artist originally from Southern California. He is currently Professor of Music at SARC, Queen’s University Belfast, and director of Sonorities Festival Belfast. Paul designs and performs with a variety of modular metallic sound sculptures, custom made electronics and found objects in settings ranging from Echtzeitmusik venues in Berlin […]