Abel Korinsky

Abel Korinsky holds a master degree in sound art from the university of arts Berlin. Together with his twin brother he is founder of studio Korinsky. Abel Korinsky comes from a strong fine art and also sound art background and during his work, he has specialized in media art to widen their artistic horizon. The […]

Hardi Kurda

Hardi Kurda is a composer, sound artist, improviser, and curator working with real-time score, and improvisation strategies. He develops interactive sound projects for public spaces within a range of disciplinary collaborations. Works include “Diagnosis Machine”, Angered Hospital, Gothenburg, “Sounding Carpet” Citadel Old Hammam, Erbil (2018), “Recycling Objects” Universeum Science Centre (2016), “Vibration of Books” Gothenburg […]

Walid Siti

Walid Siti was born in Kurdistan-Iraq. After graduating in 1976 from the Institute of Fine arts in Baghdad, Siti left Iraq to continue his arts education in Ljubljana, Slovenia before seeking political asylum in the UK in 1984 where he now lives and works. The work of Walid Siti traverses a complex terrain of memory […]

Sharif Sehnaoui

Sharif Sehnaoui is a free improvising guitarist. He plays both electric & acoustic guitars, with (or without) extended and prepared techniques, focusing on expanding the intrinsic possibilities of these instruments without the use of effects or electronics. He now resides in Beirut, his hometown, after more than a decade in Paris, where he started his […]

Magdaléna Manderlová

Magdaléna Manderlová (b.1991 in Czech Republic) is a musician and an artist based in Trondheim, Norway. She graduated from University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, and Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts in Norway. Her research is based in continuous field work, grounded in the listening practices and acoustic ecology. She looks at sound as a medium […]

Klaas Hübner

Klaas Hübner, Sound sculptor, improviser and instrument maker Klaas Hübner has developed a body of work, which honors sound as a live-medium with which to craft, shape and play in real-time. He has developed a playful practice reaching from punk to minimalism, which ranges from installation-based works, to live improvisations, to theatre and dance. He […]

Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn, born 1960 in New York, raised in Los Angeles. Moved to Europe in 1990 and is currently based in Zurich, where he is active as a musician, artist and writer. My work concentrates on the idea of space: the conceptual and physical juncture points, its production and dissolution, and our relation to it […]

Ida Mårdhed

Ida Mårdhed (SWE, 32 y.) is currently studying her Bachelor in Art at the Academy of Fine Arts, at Bergen University (NO), after working in and outside of gallery spaces with her own practice and theatre works, for the last 12 years. Her background in activism, journalism and social/pedagogical work are often visible in the […]