Sound Art & Experimental Music in Kurdistan


Exhibition 2017

The first exhibition of Space21 in 2017 under the name FAS (Festival for Sound Art)

The festival aims to promote contemporary art in Kurdistan through sharing knowledge and experiences with the international contemporary art community. The festival focuses on public places as an artistic medium to create artwork and a meeting point with a broad public. 


Brandon LaBelle (US-DE) – The Dreamer

Francis Heery (IR-DE) – Cascade 

Gustavo Bentancor (PT-SE) – Pampas

Ylva Nyberg Bentancor (SE) – Tittytainment

Hanna Hartman (SE-DE) – Fracture

Mattias Larsen (SE) – Neutral Ambience

Stefan Klaverdal (SE) – Everything Revisited

Katharina Bevand (SP-DE) – Aurum

Mansoor Hosseini (IR-SE) and Isabel Pulgar (SP) – UFO (Unidentified Flashing Oscillations)

Oksana Chepelyk (UA) – Montenegrin Collider

Soran Ahmad (KRG-DE) – Raw 

Klaas Hübner (DE) – Schwarzwald, music for ceiling fan and tubes

(Participants from Tse Tse Fly Middle East)

Isaac Sullivan (US) – Six Addresses

João Menezes (PT) – rerr.or

Kumah (RS) – Elsidi

Simon Coates (UK and Filipino (PH) – Visqueen

Nour Sokhn (LB) – Forest Frequencies Phase1