Hardi Kurda is a composer, sound artist, improviser, and curator working with real-time score, and improvisation strategies. He develops interactive sound projects for public spaces within a range of disciplinary collaborations. Works include “Diagnosis Machine”, Angered Hospital, Gothenburg, “Sounding Carpet” Citadel Old Hammam, Erbil (2018), “Recycling Objects” Universeum Science Centre (2016), “Vibration of Books” Gothenburg Library, “Open Ensemble” Sound Place exhibition, London (2015), “Between me and the other” Maerz Music by Adapter Ensemble Radial system v Berlin (2013), “Game piece for” Estrangement Showroom, London (2010). And, the sound composition “The Latest News” the politics of media for transparent score performed by ensemble recherché in Freiburg- Germany, funded by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


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